SIAC commissioner Gregory Moore, discusses The Home Depot ‘Retool Your School’ initiative

Gregory Moore of the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference recently discussed the Home Depot “Retool Your School” initiative with rolling out. The Retool Your School program through Home Depot gives HBCUs the opportunity to submit renovation proposals that are then judged by a panel. The awarded schools are given the resources to renovate a particular area of their campus. Gregory Moore was one of the judges.

What were some of the most interesting proposals that you came across?

Since my area is sports, I had an interest in programs that had a health and fitness component, particularly the facilities renovation, locker rooms, gym facilities;  I found those to be quite compelling. Particularly when you look at our facilities, there’s a gap between our facilities and predominately white institutions. The Home Depot program, I think helps close the gap. I think it’s important.

What implications does a program like this have?

On a fundamental level, I think it’s important for our schools, our students, our alumni to support institutions that support us. When a big company like Home Depot steps forward to support our institutions we have to reciprocate in a meaningful way.

Why should schools participate?

We have to let them know that this is a big project for our schools on a fundamental level. [It] helps beautify our campus, engage our stakeholders, engage our students. You have to support this effort.

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