‘A Wanted Woman’ by Eric Jerome Dickey book review

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New York Times best-selling author, Eric Jerome Dickey has written his twenty-first novel, A Wanted Woman.  The gifted Dickey tapped into his inner Steven King and James Patterson persona and released a brilliantly written suspense novel.  This book is filled with nonstop action, gut wrenching violence, and ruthless dialogue.  This isn’t your typical Dickey novel and excludes a lot of sexual content that we’re accustomed to with his writing; however, it’s definitely worth the read.  Your mind is stimulated in other ways and you’re on a jaw dropping experience with each page turned.

Agent MX-401 aka “The Reaper” is a beautifully trained assassin who thrives on making successful hits. Trained by her own father at an early age, her skills to manipulate then decapitate you within a matter of seconds are fascinating yet frightening at the same time. The Reaper is a heroine of many faces and extremely fierce. You find yourself rooting for the bad guy, well in this case … the bad woman.

Dickey has a gift for creating pages full of life. He depicts the island of Barbados as if he’s a native himself. Each scene is set and described so perfectly. He never seems to disappoint and continues to amaze all of the EJD lovers with yet another great novel. I cannot wait for the sequel. –lili

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