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Diddy and Cassie show affection on Instagram

Diddy & Cassie_Rolling Out_Joi Pearson-2

Cassie and Diddy have been doing a great job keeping their relationship out of the public eye. Over the last seven years there have only been a few times when they have been captured together. Cassie posted the above photo on her Instagram with the caption, “#Us.”

Glad that these two can finally show their affection to the world. Check out more cute couple photos in the gallery. Are celeb relationships better under wraps or out in the open? –joi pearson @joiapearson


  1. butter bean sugar on June 1, 2014 at 12:28 pm

    under raps for sure , every time i see him with this girl i still think home wrecker ,and pimp .. cause i dont know how puffy had 3 kids with kim , kim devoted all that time to him ,and raising his girls and boy and he turn around and DEDICATE TO a younger woman , cassie has gotten older now .. an of course he loves her??? shes cute ,got breast that she could NOT grow, real hair ,??? tatoes in the right place ?? no family drama COMPLAINTS ETC , no kids , no strings …so who wouldnt go after her type …shes apparently humble .. but one thing is missing SHE IS DUMB AND HAS NO MORALS , EDUCATIION , RESPECT FOR OTHERS LIVES ., AND LOVES BEING A SUGAR MOMA .. i bet you he dont marry her lets place a bet!! she cant think she is beyonce status , she brings nothing to the table which is why it will never last .. if he walks her down the isle HUH IT WANT LAST BUT 73 DAYS SHE WILL BEAT KIM K RECORD

    YES THEY ARE SO SWEET ON THE PHOTOS ,BUT QUEST WHAT , THAT IS WHY NOBODY GIVE PUFFY CREDIT FOR HIS ACHIEVEMENTS HE RUSHED TO GET TO MAKE HIMSELF LOOK GLORIUS .. TO HIS KIDS .. a degree without colllege is not gnna fly that doctrine what ever the hell that was , still puts him in the hall of shame!! with females around the world .. i read the bloggs too … he is a jerk and looser ,, he cause shine to be locked up cause he had the money to free hisself , jennifer lo pez almost lost her career over him .. and he had the diamond of diamonds with her . …lol .. anyway IM JUST RANTING BUT I DONT LIKE THIS GUY FOR SO MANY REASONS … plus he was all involved with biggies death by not hiring tigher security around the man .. there should have been a man with a gun in biggies car and walking on his side .. after all those death threats he got from tupac death .. DUHHH .. PUFFY IS IGNORANT .. JOIN THE TYRESE CLUB PLEASE

  2. butter bean sugar on June 1, 2014 at 12:34 pm

    PROOF he is ignorant and raising troubled kids his son already dating strippers and he calls that cute /? poor kim she just went and hid out if she goes in the papers what will the caption read .. KIM PUFFYS BABY MOMA, AND FOOL … was spotted today HOW EMBARRASSED SHE MUST BE …. GABRIELLE UNION IS THE QUEEN THAT MAKES HER FIRST LADY OF DUMB

  3. Jazzy on June 1, 2014 at 8:02 pm

    puffy needs to find a mature grown up woman. These old men dating these young girls is a sad attempt to hold on to their youth. #superficial