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Chief Keef evicted from suburban Chicago home, neighbor smelled ‘drug stuff’

Rapper, Chief Keef evicted from suburban Chicago home

Rapper, Chief Keef evicted from suburban Chicago home

Keith Cozart, otherwise know as “Chief Keef” was seen moving his belongings out of his Highland Park residence yesterday morning. According to the Lake County Sheriff’s office, he’s been evicted.

The owner of the home, Dr. Bal K. Bansal, completely denied Cozart was being evicted and described him as a nice guy whom the neighbors enjoyed and was very polite. “This is mutual,” said Bansal. “It is not an eviction.”

Bansal persists he simply had a desire to sell the home.

But at a May 7 court hearing, an order for forcible entry and detainer was filed marking the culmination of an eviction process that began back in February. By March, Cozart had fallen behind by nearly $30,000 in rental fees before agreeing to pay the full amount by April 20, according to court documentation.

Neighbor Ken Cooper seemed to have a very different perception of Cozart than Bansal.

“We just want him to leave as quickly as possible,” said Cooper. He insists he smelled “drug stuff” and had to call the police, sometimes several times a week, about fights that had broken out.

“I met the chief at his arraignment … he’s a very soft-spoken fellow, with a very nice voice by the way,” Cooper added.



  1. leefkeef on June 11, 2014 at 11:00 am

    Now if he could just get evicted from the earth….

    • UncleChuck2 on June 11, 2014 at 6:29 pm