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Music » Jay Electronica blasts Lyor Cohen, Peter Rosenberg via Twitter

Jay Electronica blasts Lyor Cohen, Peter Rosenberg via Twitter

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Roc Nation rapper Jay Electronica aired out Hot 97 radio host Peter Rosenberg during a series of tweets this week. The New Orleans native took exception to Rosenberg referring to legendary Public Enemy frontman Chuck D as an “online troll” when discussing Chuck’s criticisms of the radio station. Electronica more or less issued a warning to Rosenberg and demanded a public apology.

“Oh yeah, @Rosenbergradio you owe Mr. Chuck D and apology and we are gonna see to it that he gets it. Publicly,” Electronica tweeted. “And for the record, i have no beef w @Rosenbergradio. He’s been my guy for a long time. We just can’t stand by and tolerate some things.”

The rapper then referenced a recent Dame Dash interview where the former Roc-A-Fella Records CEO blamed industry heavyweight Lyor Cohen for the breakdown of he and his former partner Jay Z’s business relationship and the disintegration of their label.

Electronica says that Cohen has things to answer for.

“Ps, somebody tell Lyor Cohen and those like him, Dame is looking for him. WE have some questions for him. #accountability,” Electronica continued. “We putting the entire music industry on high alert. #Accountability”

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