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Marsha Ambrosius on friends, lovers, and finding her voice

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It’s that slippery slope that many have attempted to climb, only to get tripped up causing one to tumble down a hill of mixed emotions. It’s just one of those things that tend to happen when negotiating matters of the heart. The hot-button topic is one that is approached with care by Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Marsha Ambrosius on her latest album of the same name. The talented London beauty sat down with rolling out publisher Munson Steed to discuss the nuances of the album, as well as her take on life, love and inspiration.

Tell us about Friends & Lovers and how the two met.
The two met because of my album previous to this one, which was Late Nights and Early Mornings, which resulted in me meeting some friends … and lovers. So on one album, I decided to talk about all of those relationships; all of those situations that I’d been in and already had with a late night and an early morning.

The best of those experiences would be on an early morning?
Not the best of, but the ones that you’re cautiously aware of. In the morning, up comes the sun and you have to acknowledge where you are. At night, it could’ve been a wild night. It’s dark, I don’t know where I am, where are my shoes? Then you wake up the next day, you could be anywhere, but thankfully for me, I woke up next to him and that was that song.

Hmmm …
I have many of those situations that go from beginning to end on a whole album about scenarios that you could possibly get yourself into with some friends and lovers.

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