Vanessa Williams opens up to OWN about being molested at age 10

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Former Miss America and actress Vanessa Williams was very transparent with Oprah in her Oprah’s Master Class about her experience of being molested by an 18-year-old girl when she was only 10 and the psychological aftereffects. The life-changing traumatic incident was perpetrated by the much older “cool girl” who performed oral sex on her while she was staying with her family’s friends in California. Williams shared her story to let little girls know that if this happens to them, they should tell someone instead of trying to deal with it on their own. joi pearson @joiapearson

Williams says the older girl snuck into her room and woke her up.

She was one of the cool girls, she made you want to feel like you were a grown-up. She told me to lie down on the floor. She took my bottoms off and she said, ‘be quiet,’ Williams says. “She went down on me. I had no idea what it was, but I knew it felt good, but was also something that was not supposed to be happening.”

She never told her parents about what happened because of a family tragedy.

“I saw my dad’s face and his face was gray. And I just found out that his brother had died,” she recalls.

Williams says that being molested made her act out sexually at a young age.

“It awakens your sexuality at an age where it shouldn’t be awakened,” said Williams. “Had that not happened in my life and had I had an opportunity to have a normal courtship with a boyfriend at 16 or whatever …  there wouldn’t have been that shame that was always haunting me. It made me more sexually promiscuous and more sexually curious at a younger age than I should have been.”

Source and Photo Source: by Tom Kraeutler

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