Chevy Woods on working with Wiz Khalifa and preparing for new album


Chevy Woods was able to make a name for himself during the “Smoker’s Club” tour. The Taylor Gang affiliate held his own and built a solid fan base. After working with Wiz Khalifa on his latest project, Woods is now preparing his new album and will tour with Kevin Gates on the “By Any Means” tour.

Woods recently sat down with rolling out to discuss his new endeavors.

What was your first step after coming off of the “Smoker’s Club” tour?

For me it was actually getting back into the studio. Being off tour and being relaxed. and not having to worry about doing a show and then going to the studio. I had more time to actually sit down and really plan out my project and make a blueprint for what I wanted to do and then follow through with the plan. I just came up with some ideas, pitched them to Wiz [Khalifa]. They were ready for me to embark on my own so they were like “cool, it makes it easier for us if you have something planned on what you want to do instead of us coming up with ideas for you.” Having a blueprint and knowing what I wanted to do is what I did once I got off of tour. Now we’re making it happen.

How is it working with Wiz Khalifa in the studio?

I think it goes hand in hand. Some music I’ve done for him made it to the Black Hollywood album and some things he had done for me made it on my EP.  We bounce ideas off of each other in the studio. It’s good to have someone like that musically. He knows a lot. Even though he is younger than me, he’s been through the fire already. So he knows how to set his artists up to make the right decision. Just being able to have him as a mentor musically is like the biggest thing anyone can ask for.

What was the biggest lesson you learned from Wiz?

It’s good to be next to Wiz and learn. I would rather take it from someone that has done it already and knows what they’re doing than me doing it on my own and being like I can’t do this and I quit. They had that drive and it’s instilled in us, in the Taylor Gang, to be like that. That’s why everyone is on the push right now.

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