Isaac Carree’s take on why his music impacts those inside and outside the church

Isaac Carree

Isaac Carree, gospel music veteran, had a whirlwind year with the success of his number one Billboard project, Reset. Audience favorite and mega chart topping hit, “Clean This House” proved to be the song that propelled him into the mainstream.

About the success of that record and why it resonates with so many, Carree says, “What comes from the heart reaches the heart. When people know you are being honest and straightforward, it tends to penetrate their heart and soul faster than talking around issues. I try to put myself in the middle of it.  I’m not perfect. I’ve made mistakes, not before I got saved, but since I’ve been saved, but God has covered me with grace and mercy. He’s given me a platform to share my testimony. You can’t have a testimony without a test, and then people can’t be blessed by your testimony unless you are willing to share it. So I try to be transparent.”IsaacCarree_RESET_FINAL

But Carree didn’t know those songs were going to be huge hits. “I don’t think anybody ever really knows. You may have a feeling, but it’s really up to the consumer and what people like to hear on the radio and what they buy. I just go in and make God music. God is continuously showing me favor.  I leave it up to God. I am thankful for every opportunity he has given me,” shares Carree.

About his music, Carree states, “Our job is to plant the seed. To make sure it penetrates … if it reaches the thug on the corner and the pastor, the prostitute and the missionary, that is fine. The gospel of Jesus Christ is to reach the world and not just the four walls of the church.”

Carree also adds, “We need to support gospel music. Because of what we’re singing about and what we stand for, this music should live forever.” His new single “But God” is currently top 10 on the Billboard charts.

Carree concluded, “Music is my passion and my heart. I am enjoying the ride and the wave and trying to create other opportunities. I do music not only to spread the gospel but to leave an inheritance for my children’s children. My children and my wife hold me down and support me whether I have a good record or a bad one.”

Follow Isaac Carree on Instagram @IkeNice and on Facebook and Twitter – Isaac Carree. Reset is available online and in stores.

sheryl merritt  @SherylScribes

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