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YouTube viral Fire Challenge game goes horribly wrong

Fire Challenge
YouTube Fire Challenge game goes horribly wrong

It is once again happening across the nation: a game fueled by social media that is causing grave harm. This time the name of the game is “Fire Challenge” and YouTube videos are popping up of young people setting themselves on fire for laughs.

In the videos that are easily searchable, people pour a small amount of flammable liquid on a body part and then set it on fire. The challenge comes in how soon you try to extinguish the flames. Unfortunately, accidents are occurring in which the fire gets out of control. The latest victim of a Fire Challenge gone wrong is Daisey Schumer, 12, of St. Louis, Missouri; she was badly burned when someone poured perfume on her and set her on fire. She told KFVS.-TV that “This person poured the perfume on my stomach and then I told her to stop. Then she lit the lighter and I was rolling on the ground, trying to get it out and it burned my back.”

In the video below a teen takes the Fire Challenge:

[jwplatform RjFlOfpp]

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