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Married police officers kill their daughter’s unarmed boyfriend because he was black?


Two married police officers may have killed their daughter’s boyfriend because he was black. According to KWTV in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Shannon Kepler, 54, and Gina Kepler, 48, shot and killed Jeremy Lake, 19, who was unarmed.

The ordeal started after Lisa Kepler, 18, was kicked out of her parent’s home due to behavior issues. Lisa was dropped off at a homeless shelter in an attempt by her parents to give her a reality check.

While there, Lisa met Jeremy who was a volunteer at the shelter. Jeremy took Lisa to his home and provided her with food and a place to stay. The two soon began dating.

Last week, Lisa, who is white, and Jeremy, who is black, were walking near his home when Lisa spotted her parent’s SUV. The couple walked to the car and Jeremy introduced himself as Lisa’s boyfriend to Shannon and Gina Kepler. Shannon pulled out his gun and shot and killed Jeremy, who was unarmed. Lisa was distraught and ran from the scene.

Shannon and Gina were arrested and charged with first-degree murder. However, authorities are still searching for the murder weapon and the SUV.

Shannon and Gina worked for the Tulsa Police Department for 24 years.


  1. zobop republic on August 12, 2014 at 12:02 pm

    Well, I guess her parents to gave her a reality check alright! F**king cop parents!

  2. sugarbutterbean on August 12, 2014 at 12:42 pm

    yeh and they callled one of their cop buddies , and did away with that car at a chopp shop and dismantaled the gun… but daughter still has to witness against them . haaaa so they aint got away with nothing they figured that , without the gun they wouldnt get the death penalty but face life in the pen beautiful right/????? how cops believe they are above the law , this is solid proof of what i said a few days ago ,, they are bitter over all the black men with access to white women who preferr black men … thats a shame this boy lost his life trying to help her . i quest this will scare a lot of black men form dating white girls NOT … they could have saved their lives cause the daughter is the one who will suffer for this … she didnt know her parents were so evil look at the WHO SCENERO 2 COPS MALE AND FEMALE GUN DOWN A BLACK MAN COPY CAT FOR ALL THE CRIME AGAIN BLACK MEN IN THE LAST FEW YEARS … WOW .. THEY RATHER LOSE THEIR JOBS AND LIFE OVER KILLING ONE BLACK MEN … BUT WHY? SO YOU SEE THROUGH THIS WHY SO MANY COPS KILL BLACKS ITS THE FACT THEY DONT GIVE A SHIT ,. .THEY ARE FED UP WITH BLACK MEN GETTING ALL THE WOMEN …. and thats too bad interracial dating and marrying is here to stay period … thats why they hate oboma his moma was with a black man only the non racist whites voted him in that is why the race was so tight .. blacks dominated the polls lol .. .they didnt stand a freakin chance .. they would have killed him if they could have .. period ..