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Girl group Sincerely XO; Atlanta trio ready to storm the charts

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Girl groups have been a cornerstone of pop music since the 1950s, and this generation has been enamored with acts like The Pussycat Dolls and Danity Kane; but there definitely seems to be a bit of a void currently in the place where those quintets once thrived. Enter Sincerely XO, the new girl group out of Atlanta that features a trio of lovely and talented ladies. JLa, Vii and Jaz met in Atlanta and have begun forging a path to superstardom. Rolling out caught up with the ladies of Sincerely XO and they shared what they feel is so special about their chemistry.

“I don’t think that there’s a girl group like us out there,” Vii says. “I think we’re in our own lane when it comes to that thing. The three of us are so different from each other.”

The trio was formerly dubbed Yes Ma’am, but the ladies decided to change their approach. So they teamed up with hitmaker Verse Simmonds and put forth a new name and look — one that was more reflective of who they truly are.

“Vii is sexy and kinda spicy at times — you don’t know what you’re going to get from her,” says Jaz. “I’m the firecracker of the group. There’s nothing hidden about me! What you see is what you get. JLa is the real sultry one. She calls herself the creative genius of the group! Which is very funny to us, but that kinda lets you know. It’s kind of a ‘crazy, sexy, cool’ kinda thing.”

They’ve released remixes to Chris Brown’s “Loyal” and Kid Ink’s “Show Me,” as well as “U Like It” to tremendous buzz online. As they pursue this path together, they’ve come to understand just how much dedication and sacrifice go into realizing one’s dreams.

“You have frustrations and a lot of hard work. It takes missing out on a lot of things,” Jaz explains. “We don’t get to do a lot of things in our personal lives because we’re doing so much with the group. At the end of the day, it’s all going to be worth it.”

“Being in a group, you have to learn from each other and learn one another,” JLa shares. “We know if someone doesn’t like a certain thing and what people are comfortable with at this point. Being in a group is easier at times than being a solo artist, because you always have someone to lean on and bounce ideas off of and someone to have your back. You really have that security there.”

And the women of Sincerely XO are fully committed to the journey and to each other.

“When we started, this was when I realized I wasn’t going anywhere,” says Vii. “Whenever we do new records, I’m like ‘Yo, we got something.’ I couldn’t see it being any other three girls. I feel like we’ve got what it takes.”