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Nicki Minaj explains her VMA wardrobe malfunction: ‘I was butt naked’


Nicki Minaj got tongues wagging after she appeared to burst out of her black dress during her performance with Jessie J and Ariana Grande at this year’s MTV VMAs. After performing her hit single “Anaconda,” in a skimpy green bikini; Minaj re-emerged for her performance with Jessie and Ariana in a black dress — a black dress that she was barely holding together with her hands. It was unclear to the public what had gone wrong, and after weeks of online speculation that she “staged” the nearly-naked appearance, Minaj spoke to talk show host Ellen Degeneres about what went wrong.

“I had about 40 or 50 seconds to change from the ‘Anaconda’ outfit into the ‘Bang Bang’ outfit and I don’t know why,” Nicki shared. “Originally I was going to have a skirt wrapped around the green [‘Anaconda’ performance two-piece], but then when I realized that Jessie and Ariana were wearing black-and-white, I didn’t want to ruin the shot with me wearing a green bra and them wearing black-and-white.”

“So I was like, ‘I have to put on a black dress really quickly,’” she continues. “And sure enough, we didn’t have a real quick change right there so it was literally my whole team standing there, holding curtains around me and it was pitch-black and I couldn’t see anything and right before it was time for me to walk out, they went to zip it up and nothing. And right there, I thought I died … I didn’t have any underwear on — no underwear, no bra — ’cause I had just taken off the ‘Anaconda’ outfit, so I was butt-a– naked.”

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