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Odd Future launches 24-hour commerical free radio station


Since bursting onto the scene a few years back, the Odd Future collective has continuously found new and innovative ways to make their mark upon the landscape of music and pop culture. From their cutting edge music to creating their own festival to landing a TV series on the Adult Swim network, OFWGKTA has proven they are determined to do things their way and their latest venture continues on with the tradition.

The group recently launched its very own 24 hour commercial free radio station in conjuction with DJ Skee’s Dash Radio. The station is available on Apple iOS and all Google Android devices.

“It isn’t exactly OFM banging in your FM, but it’s close,” manager Christian Clancy tells the FADER. “Basically a 24/7 commercial free station for their shows, their s**t, their friends and music they like.. live show on Tuesdays, specials. Whatever they come up with. Could be absolutely amazing or a complete disaster.”

You can catch Odd Future radio at