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Racist Canadian news outlet calls black hockey player ‘dark guy’

jodan subban

The Vancouver Sun injected racism in a recent news article. According to the Toronto Sun, the news outlet ran a story that showcased a victory by the Vancouver Canucks. Jordan Subban, a black hockey player for the Canucks, scored the winning goal.

The team celebrated the victory by congratulating Subban. In the caption, the Vancouver Sun referred to Subban as “the dark guy in the middle.” The same racist caption appeared on the Vancouver Sun‘s sister website, The Province.

Hockey fans and readers of the Vancouver Sun blasted the racist headline on Twitter,

The Vancouver Sun and The Province both apologized to Subban for the racist caption by issuing a statement. “The matter is being thoroughly investigated. We are examining all web practices and procedures to prevent this from happening again.”

Subban called the incident unfortunate, but he hopes to move on from the situation.