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‘I Am Legend’ sequel on the way minus Will Smith ?


All indications point to an imminent sequel to the 2007 box office smash I Am Legend, which starred Will Smith. The one hitch is that the sequel more than likely won’t include Smith.

When Smith turned down a proposed prequel to the blockbuster film, which set a record by clearing more than $77 million in its December opening weekend, Warner Bros. decided to go in a different direction and retool the franchise.

The AV Club is reporting that Warner Bros., has bought the rights to a spec script written by an Manhattan based Apple store employee named Gary Graham. Movie producer Akiva Goldsman tapped Graham to turn his script entitled A Garden At The End Of The World into a sequel for Legend.

According to sources, Graham’s screenplay is said to be a Sci-Fi retooling of a classic John Wayne western called The Searchers. In the film, Wayne’s character searches for his beloved niece who was kidnapped by Native Americans years beforehand. It looks as though Warner Bros. saw a way the story could be reworked into Legend’s universe and will feature the new main character on the hunt to rescue their loved one.

I Am Legend grossed more than $500,000,000 across the world. The movie also starred Salli Richardson, Emma Thompson, Alice Braga, and Willow Smith.