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Ashanti reveals who was to blame for Nelly breakup

Nelly & Ashanti - Cover

Ashanti and Nelly always kept the details of their relationship away from the press, leaving many fans wondering just when they were even together and why they finally split last year. And though both artists have skirted around the issue of the split over the past year, Ashanti finally decide to give fans some insight into why she and Nelly split.

During a recent interview with Hot 97, Ashanti discussed her long love affair with Nelly and hinted that it was her trust issues with Nelly that ultimately brought about their relationship’s demise.

“As a woman, when a man is out doing [his] thing, a woman is not taking everything so serious, even though the guy might be like, ‘I’m serious,’ ” Ashanti said.

“He was very, very genuine and very, very sincere. I will give him that. From the start, I was leery,” she added.

But that isn’t all that Ashanti had to say about Nelly. Read the rest of what she had to say about their relationship after the cut. –nicholas robinson


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  1. lonnie keys on October 29, 2014 at 5:50 pm

    NO HONEY NAGGING , COMPLAINING AND INSECURITIES RUNS ITS COURSE , NELLY IS FROM a totallly hood girl admosphere and those st louis girl know how to ride or die … . the other problem is no man want to marry someone if you cant stand their mother medling and you can tell nelly didnt like ashantis moma cause he was never seen on the same tripps with her and she didnt take any photos with nelly and ashanti .. accept for in the start of the relationship . . peope get drained of insecure people …. and nelly was younger when he met her as he aged he needed more maturity and she was going backwards not forward plus her career dont seem to be going anywhere she want to believe she is more important than she is .. .. and her wardrobe and style needs to mature .. but sexy like angela basset or halle berry .. . ashanti is no beyonce performer i can understand beyonce wearing .. . risky sexy stuff. .. but ashanti still singing christmas carols on kelly and micheal and junk. . .so she need to stop with the nudist dasie dukes and thirsty beach wear , and big ass texas hair ..