Black Chicago celebrates high art at the Harlem Fine Art Show

girls night out.Still037Visual artists speak volumes without saying a word. The images they create, be it on canvass or through sculptures, detail ideas and history in ways the human tongue simply cannot do. The stories of our being, relayed through their artifacts, allow artists to both capture and trigger our emotions, to spur discussion or, simply, to leave us in awe. The best artists leave indelible imprints on our brain, and we, as people, admire both the art and the artists for their ability to impact us in ways we often don’t expect. We love to discuss these impressions with our friends and other admirers of the work, which makes great art not only the main vein for the telling of stories, but also a medium which brings people together to create even more stories and good cheer.

Held in downtown Chicago’s Merchandise Mart, the opening reception for the Harlem Fine Arts Show created a canvas for black Chicago to continue its own story. Attended by some of the most influential minds in the city, the event doubled as a fundraiser for the DuSable Museum and the South Side Fine Arts Center. NBC’s Art Norman was the host of the evening, and everyone from aldermen, entrepreneurs, business execs and community advocates enjoyed an evening filled with friends and associates perusing featured exhibits and discussing opportunities, both old and new.

The show, which showcases local, national and international artists, will be open at the Merchandise Mart (222 Merchandize Mart Plaza) through Nov. 2. It’s an opportunity to both view and collect art, to discuss its meaning, and maybe even assign your own meaning to some of the finest art in the world.

Click the gallery to see the smiling faces great art produced.



The Real TJ Crawford (on twitter @tjcrawford4real)

The real TJ Crawford (@tjcrawford4real) is a hip hop generation, social entrepreneur building community via words, deeds and actions.

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