Drake is ‘Michael Jackson-talented’ according to Kentucky coach John Calipari


Young Money superstar Drake has a well-documented fondness for the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team and its legendary coach, John Calipari. Drake has visited Lexington and hung out in the locker room with the team several times, and the two men have forged a pretty strong relationship. In a recent interview, Calipari talked about why he’s so fond of Drizzy.

And he compared the rapper to a musical icon.

“I’m like, this guy, if he makes it, I wanna see if he’ll change,” Calipari told the Seth Davis Show. “Grounded, the same guy, kind heart and then you find out like ‘Wow,’ Michael Jackson talented, like megastar … has not changed.”

Drake revealed back in 2013 that it was Calipari who convinced him to finish getting his high school diploma after foregoing school to pursue his musical and acting career. Calipari even attended the rapper’s graduation ceremony. A fan asked the coach when he and Drake became so chummy.

“It started pretty early when he was just coming on to his own,” Calipari shared. “I’ll tell ya, I loved him as a person.”

Drake was filmed shooting an air ball during the warm ups with the Wildcats last month. The star was clowned for the miss, but responded with jokes himself.

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