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Drunk, butt-grabbing rookie New York cops fired


The NYPD has taken a public pummeling of its image lately because of the behavior of rogue cops. Despite increased vigilance by the department, there are still some cops who just don’t get the message. This past Friday, nine rookie cops lost their jobs after a drunken graduation party, which occurred last August.

The officers had just graduated from the New York Port Authority Police Academy and decided to party at Texas Arizona Bar and Grill in Hoboken, New Jersey. The celebration became rowdy as several dozen new officers got drunk and according to witnesses got behind the bar and began pouring their own drinks while still in their uniforms. Other officers vandalized the restaurant’s bathroom and touched women inappropriately. When the management asked the officers to restrain themselves and calm down, the cops responded by flashing their badges. The situation got so out of control when local Hoboken police responded, they had to call the Port Authority police to control the situation. However, even when confronted by their supervisors, the officers were “drunkenly defiant” according to law enforcement officials.

According to New York Port Authority Police Department executive director, Pat Foye, “This is a sad day for the Port Authority Police Department. We are extremely disappointed by the conduct of the probationary officers involved and appalled by the poor judgments of the Academy staff members in attendance.”

Besides the nine cops fired, three supervisors — including a Lieutenant who was also drunk  —face disciplinary action. Three other rookie cops were suspended without pay for 30 days.

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