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Dallas Ebola victim’s family settles with hospital

Thomas Eric Duncan

Thomas Eric Duncan

Thomas Eric Duncan is the only person to have died from Ebola in the United States. The care that Duncan received at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, from all accounts, showed that he received inadequate service. Duncan, despite telling hospital staff that he had been to Africa and was running a fever, was discharged and diagnosed with what amounted to a bad cold. He returned to the hospital two days later in great distress and it was confirmed shortly afterward that he did, in fact, have Ebola. During his care two nurses were also infected with the dreaded disease.

Now word has come that the family has reached a confidential, out-of-court settlement with Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.  According to statements released from the hospital and the lawyer for the family, attorney Les Weisbrod, all parties concerned were satisfied with the results. The terms of the settlement include financial support for his four children, his mother who lives in North Carolina and his father who lives in Liberia. In addition, the hospital stated it was creating a memorial fund in Duncan’s name to help Ebola victims in Africa. The hospital said in a statement regarding that the settlement “serves as an example of the commonsense Texas laws that allow discussions to take place immediately and be resolved quickly.” The hospital apologized to Duncan’s family and said it made mistakes when caring for Duncan.


  1. butterbeanbabe on November 13, 2014 at 1:01 pm

    AFRICAN PEOPLE AROJND THE COUNTRY HAS BEEN DISCUSSING THIS AS AN ATTACK ON AFRICANS THEY BELIEVE DUNCAN WAS MURDERED BY THE STATE IN ORDER NOT TO CARRY THE RESPONSIBLITY OF OTHER VICTIMS .. THEY COULDNT AND WOULDNT CURE him even though they had the capability to do so , they sent the other 2 female out of state so it would look so bad that they gave duncan a expereimental drug that may have killed him . .why didnt they give the other two this experimental drug???? why did they live ? how were they cured ? why did the idea to send dumcan where tihe good drugs were come up ? im sure they discussed what was best and trust me one dead body is not worth all that hospital was gonna have to endure they were loosing a lot of clients .. and would be bank rupt if they couldnt find a solution so it is believed they shut off all life support etc …. they dont want to pay the girlfried the was gonna marry all of a sudden she dont count cause she is not legal married does that mean TEXAS DONT HAVE COMMON LAW MARRIAGE ????? WHEN DID THEY ABOLISH IT ?
    I DONT GET IT …… this man is dead cause someone didnt think he was important enough to disgrace the whole city. .. that dont sound right .. at all

    • lottogirl846 on November 13, 2014 at 8:58 pm

      We still have common law but u have to live together for a period of time and file ur taxes as a couple n other things. They were not and could not have been common law.

      Now, about the rest of your rant. Get back on your meds. They did NOT kill him. He was further along when he was put in the hospital and beyond help. That is why the sons won this lawsuit.