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Lil Twist faces felony charges as Nickelodeon star comments


Rapper Lil Twist has been hit with a felony arrest warrant after it was reported that he was suspected in the beating and depanting of Nickelodeon star Chris Massey. According to reports, a judge issued the warrant for the rapper, claiming that Twist (born Chris Moore) has been charged with felony home invasion and robbery.

There were reportedly four other men with Twist during the Massey incident, and the LAPD is allegedly trying to determine their identities.

Twist and his entourage got into a violent altercation with brothers Chris and Kyle Massey a week ago, which culminated in Chris being jumped and beaten up; with Twist’s crew taking Massey’s pants. The former “Zoey 101” actor then filed a police report after seeking treatment at a hospital.

The Massey brothers were asked about the incident later when a TMZ reporter stopped them at LAX, where they both downplayed the scale of the violence.

“I look beautiful, don’t I?” joked Chris, who had a noticeable scar on his forehead. “For four people?”