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Social media jumps all over Lifetime and Wendy Williams after Aaliyah biopic premieres


All signs pointed to the Wendy Williams produced biopic Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B as more or less being doomed from the start.

From multiple leading actress casting changes to being denied the right to use any of Aaliyah’s actual music to accusations of being an impending low budget disaster, it seemed that the controversial film had little to no shot of winning over fans of the late singer and actress.

It didn’t take long for the social media stratosphere to chime in once the movie premiered Nov. 15 on the Lifetime network. The onslaught seemed to stretch from one end of the Internet to the other with users on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Vine almost instantaneously creating hilarious memes by the second. Even superstar producer and close friend of Aaliyah, Timbaland got in on the action calling into question some of the casting choices.

Hit the flip to see some of the hilarious postings from all across social media.

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