McDonald’s ‘My Block, My Moment:’ Dj Sean Mac

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You already know what it is, the kid Sean Mac, Shadyville DJ’s, this is my block.

Describe what you do for a living.

When people ask me to explain what I do for a living, of course I’m a DJ, you know DJ Sean Mac, I’m a brand ambassador for Belair Rose. I’m also a street wear designer for the clothing brand Casket 33 AD.

Describe the moment where you came into your own as a professional?

When I think about the moment I came into my own, it was kind of like I had so many different goals it just wasn’t necessarily music and being a dope DJ, but it was like culturally everything I was trying to do, you know, collectively. So over the years, every year it would be a different hurdle that would be just the biggest one it was like I just jumped that one and went clean over it.

Where is your block located? How did your block contribute to your development as a person and as a professional?

When people ask me about my block in terms of where I came from or where I grew up at I came up up north. I was a North side kid Evanston all the way to the jungle, you know what I’m saying, that was where I was at. I started off, I was a barber up north. I was a barber for eleven years. So I knew everybody, everybody knew me.

Growing up on my block prepared me for success because [of] how much success didn’t exist. I was real driven and I wanted to know what I needed to do to get to the next level.

Why are you proud of being from Chicago and how did Chicago help to mold you as a person and as a professional?

Chicago is very political and whatever game that you’re playing and whatever career set that you’re going for you have to understand that it’s going to be a little different coming up here than it’s going to be in other places. What I love about that is that it teaches you how to be able to withstand the hurdles that you will come across in your journey.

Describe your first memory of McDonald’s.

The first time I ate at McDonald’s I was six. I remember only because of the Happy Meal. That’s it. I wouldn’t remember McDonald’s if it wasn’t a Happy Meal. I would not remember if there was no Happy Meal.

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