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Entertainment » Columbus Short reveals shocking struggle while filming ‘Scandal’

Columbus Short reveals shocking struggle while filming ‘Scandal’


Columbus Short was candid during a recent interview with “Access Hollywood.” It’s no secret that the former “Scandal” star has struggled this year in more ways than one. But the reason behind his problems may shock you!

During his chat with “Access Hollywood,” Short, 32, said he was overwhelmed by recent events in his life.

“I was struggling with drugs,” said Short, who confessed to heavy alcohol use in July. “I had a lot on my plate … I was doing cocaine and drinking a lot, and trying to balance a 16-hour work schedule a day, and a family, and I just lost myself back then.”

As previously reported, the troubled actor has been involved in several altercations, including a drunken brawl at a popular bar in Dallas.

Short continued to say that the suicide of his good friend, Lee Thompson Young, in August 2013 triggered his downward spiral. “I found out when I was on set, and it really just, it took my legs out from under me.”

Unfortunately for Short, his drug use got so out of control while working on “Scandal” alongside Kerry Washington that he was let go. “They protected me and they held me down,” he revealed. “And that was one of the real reasons — they just wanted me to get my stuff together. Sometimes the bottom has to be dropped out for you to really get it.”

Since losing his gig, Short relocated to Atlanta to rebuild his life. “I’ve been living there for the last five, five-and-a-half months, and it’s just been great. It’s been life-changing,” Short said.

Let’s hope Short can keep this positive momentum going. –ruu hawkins/@ruubabie