Missouri bar sells 6 shots for $10 and calls it ‘Michael Brown Special’


Mug Shots Pub in St. Joseph, Missouri, created a drink special for their patrons and called it the “Michael Brown Special.” The deal offered six shots of cinnamon tequila for $10, thus offering the same number of shots that killed unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson on Aug. 9, 2014.

Protesters gathered outside the establishment, asking that the pub’s owners “leave his name in peace.” According to reports from Fox 4, Mug Shot’s co- owner, who asked to remain unidentified, stated that he’d heard that other local bar owners promoted similar specials during the week and had success at their establishments as a result. “It’s not meant to cause any harm,” he said. “I should have thought a little bit more about it before I made it a shot special,” he said.

The bar, which boasts the motto “where sarcasm is always free,” renamed the special the “A–hole Special” in an effort to make light of their lapse in judgement.

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