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Entertainment » Some Cosby rape accusers have shady backgrounds

Some Cosby rape accusers have shady backgrounds

Bill Cosby


When you accuse a man of rape or sexual assault, it is a hard path to tread for both parties. But when you’re a celebrity like Bill Cosby, it goes to a much deeper level. The reemergence of decades old rape allegations against Cosby are an assault against his legacy and charitable works. The public picks apart Cosby with a fine tooth comb through social media in a relentless barrage of accusations. But this is not necessarily the case for the alleged victims. Looking at a victim’s behavior and exposing that person’s life often re-victimizes a survivor of sexual assault. But in the case of Bill Cosby’s accusers, there is some shady business going down. Here are some background facts on five Cosby accusers, who have been the most vocal.

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