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Suge Knight hit-and-run victims, 1 a former member of Bloods


Cle “Bone” Shaheed Sloan in the movie Training Day with actor Terry Crews

Music producer and founder of Death Row Records, Suge Knight, 49. has turned himself in to authorities in Los Angeles for the hit-and-run of several men including Cle Shaheed Sloan, aka Bone, and Terry Carter, 55, who passed away. Carter was once a business partner of Ice Cube.

Bone, 51, known to be a former member of the notorious L.A. Bloods gang, is an actor who appeared in Training Day and has served as a technical advisor on several movie sets.

The fatal incident happened after several altercations including one on the set of the upcoming N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton and another at Tam’s Burger’s in Compton on Thursday afternoon.

Knight turned himself in to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department West Hollywood station accompanied by his attorney, James Blatt who admitted Knight was driving the red pickup truck but said he was “confident that once the investigation is completed, he will be totally exonerated” [because] he was in the process of being physically assaulted by two men and in an effort to escape he unfortunately hit two (other) individuals.

“He was in his car trying to escape.”

Carter, who arrived on the set with Knight and is a friend of the producer, died on the scene and two other men, including Bone, suffered non-life threatening injuries. Both men are in the hospital.

Carter leaves behind a wife and two daughters.

Knight was arrested and booked on a suspicion of murder charge and is being held on $2 million bail.


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  1. britishrose on January 30, 2015 at 11:50 pm

    the big question is why is these 50ish yo men acting like bandits , what cause this mess? was suge thinking he was gonna be killed? was there guns involved? for him to take off like that there had to be gunds pointed at him, he is such a scary big dude , that is why he i always being boastful and angry looking he thinks someone is out to get him ,it could be paranoia since , no one got him yet, and i now they coudl have its not like he has bodyguards around him . and that cute dude bone from trainers club is sooooooooooo fine , when i saw him in training day , i fell in love umm so cute and masculine