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Hip-hop artist Golden Boy launches SkyTrues eyewear

1016395_851335871572760_7775931311951448811_nName: George “Golden Boy” Phelps

Company: SkyTrues

Title: CEO and Founder

Years in the business: Two

What is the story behind SkyTrues?

I have been doing hip-hop since I was 18 and professionally the last seven years. I get inspired by people; from what they have own to the colors and things around me. I open my mind, pick up the brush and let God in and it comes to me. I was somewhat of an art prodigy as a child, so I did not learn my craft in school or have any formal training. I took a break from art for a while during my early teens but I just wanted to be different and God gave me a vision and I started painting on the glasses and it just took off.

How did you link up with such amazing artists to endorse your brand?

Being a hip-hop artist I have access to a lot of people through travelling to different cities and during my shows artists who would come to town and they would hear my music and see my brand and want to be a part of the brand. Everything is custom. People can get whatever they want. They can get their face, their logo or even their name. Along the way, I started calling myself the “Picasso on Frames” and it caught on.

What is the meaning behind the name SkyTrues?

Sky Trues simply means true to the skies of flyness; people who like to be fly, people who like to be different. This brand represents those who are flying to new heights and are true to who they are. SkyTrues is the art of being yourself and being original at all costs.

Where do you hope to see your company in the next 5 to 10 years?

In 5 to 10 years I hope to see it more global than it already is. I would love to have A-list celebrities, entertainers and even political juggernauts rocking SkyTrues. My ultimate goal is to offer consultations around the world where I go to the client’s house look at their closet and design colors and frames around their wardrobe. I also see myself pairing up with companies like Ray-Ban or Versace to offer customized exclusive lines of eyewear.

What other projects are you working on that our readers should know about?

I have a new CD that will include a documentary DVD. I am also working on a movie, but my main focus is to be the official face of hip-hop and fashion in Houston. When you think of the new hip-hop; not rap. Rap is a totally different musical form. When I say hip-hop, I am speaking of the Jay Zs the Jay Coles, the Kendrick Lamars there’s a big difference between rap and hip-hop. I am a hip-hop guy so being the face of hip-hop and fashion is what I will be without a shadow of a doubt.10635755_904434956262851_4508732791525689957_n

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