Amara Enyia, the woman who could've been mayor, part 1

Photo Credit: Jamie Kelter Davis

Before Fioretti, before Walls, before Wilson and before Garcia, there was one woman — a young, African-American woman, who staked her claim as the progressive candidate vying for the office of mayor of Chicago. She hit the streets early, building a base, sharing a message and setting an example for people — especially young people — of what a young, educated, millennial generation, emboldened Black woman with a heart for community looked like when they were passionate and working for purpose. Though her campaign was derailed by an office break in and a costly defense of petition signatures, Amara Enyia is still influencing the Chicago mayor’s race as the lead policy chief for Bob Fioretti’s campaign. This is the first of a series of videos that give us a glimpse of what should have been. Imagine Ms. Enyia on stage debating with the boys. Things would be different because of her energy and intellect alone.

The Real TJ Crawford (on twitter @tjcrawford4real)

The real TJ Crawford (@tjcrawford4real) is a hip hop generation, social entrepreneur building community via words, deeds and actions.

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