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Why a 28-year-old man allegedly beat his 93-year-old girlfriend


Thomas Standley, 28, was arrested after allegedly beating his 93-year-old girlfriend. According to a reports by WMC News in Memphis, Standley attempted to make his live-in girlfriend take her medication.

However, Standley became violent after she refused the drugs. He choked the 93-year-old woman, gabbed her arms, and squeezed them while shaking her. The woman’s daughter, who lives in a duplex next door, heard the commotion and went to check on the noise. When she went inside the home, Standley pushed her out of the door. The woman called police and Standley was arrested.

Apparently, Standley would give his 93-year-old girlfriend her medicine and cook for her. But court records show that he assaulted the woman on more than one occasion.

Standley has been charged with domestic assault.



  1. honeybutter on February 27, 2015 at 1:41 pm

    what was the daughter thinking ? i would not let my mother live with a 23 year old oviously mentally ill man , the fact he was 23 and dating a old woman that age is a clear red flag he got issues , all they had to do is speak with his family and doctors , he wanted her to take her medication but was assureing he was not skippin his own … sheitzo narcocist , are everywhere !!! they betta be glad they caught this cause he proubably got a insurance police on her and his next step was to poison her , man black people at least aint gonna let you date they grandmama … lol
    i bet you the judge will order pschiatric evaluation and a protection order that he can not go near that woman again . he look like a allen lanza type to me………hide your elderly and kids

  2. REALSOUL4 on February 27, 2015 at 3:37 pm

    What the hell is this world coming too? The daughter must have issues also, to even let her mother be with a 23 year old boy. The daughter should have been taking care of her mother, her mother took care of her. This monster have done this before….lock his @ up and throw away the key!