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Keyshia Cole ends public feud with Daniel Gibson


Keyshia & Boobie - Instagram Cover

It seemed that just as quickly as Keyshia Cole and her estranged husband, Daniel Gibson, agreed last month to try to work out their issues that they just as quickly fell back into feuding and began tearing each other down on social media after Cole discovered he still had other women. But after weeks of fighting, Cole has now revealed that she’s done airing out her issues with Gibson in public.

As previously reported, the couple had a high-profile falling out when Cole discovered intimate text messages between Gibson and a video girl just days after they agreed to try and become friends to fix their marriage. The two ended up blasting each other online and accusing one another of being a bad parent to their son.

Thankfully, things between them quieted down, but yesterday Cole finally opened up to fans again about their feud and explained that she was done with the drama with Gibson. In fact, she posted a photo of them sitting down together and talking out their issues for the sake of their son.


“At the end of the day @Daniel_GibsonJr is what matters! Was I wrong for bringing Shyt to social media? #YES! And we both Apologize for that. So we went out last night to discuss priorities and what #AsolutlyComesFirst #NoArguing #NoFighting#Daniel #Keyshia #DanielJr #NoB—-A–Ness#OnMyWayToATL #ForFrankieAndNeffe/[email protected]_GibsonJr hasn’t seen his cousins in a while! So I’m bringing him with!#AlsoSoExcitedAboutMomASis #SistersShow#ItsGonnaBeSome #HealingGoingDown!” she captioned the photo.

Well, despite their many public feuds, the estranged couple still hasn’t filed for divorce yet, so it’s unclear whether they will try to fix their marriage again or not. But we hope that Cole sticks to her word and keeps their private issues out of the public eye.



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  1. honeybutter on March 17, 2015 at 2:46 pm

    they were always boriing to me and never appear to be in love at all , marriage is ot for everybody and when your young you think its cool to do just cause the sex is amazing dont mean you need to get married , its hard to get young people under 30 to get this they have to learn the hard way ,, sometimes when people get lonely or get tired of being rejected they find one that dont reject them and they want to hold on to that not realizing that marriage is not just holding on to anyone . its more than stamping out booty calls and dates you have to want a life tiem with that human and younger you are this will never work out ..