Jason Collins protesting Indiana law during Final Four


People across the nation have been up in arms in recent weeks over Indiana passing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which allows companies to deny customers service based on their religious beliefs, which opens the door for discrimination against communities like the LGBT community. And now it’s being reported that famous gay athlete Jason Collins will be protesting the law during the Final Four championships in Indianapolis this weekend.

According to ABC News, several gay athletes will participate in the protests, which will happen in the form of press conferences and other public events.

Out Olympic diving legend Greg Louganis will join Collins in the protests and he recently spoke on the ESPN podcast “Capital Games” and explained why he thinks the law should be repealed.

“It should be totally repealed,” Louganis said. “Everybody should feel embraced. And I feel that the majority of the populace of Indiana do embrace all people. I felt very embraced. … They’ve been so wonderful. This is just so contrary to my feelings of Indiana people.”

Meanwhile, Collins has been tweeting his disappointment and frustration over the new law, as well as his hope that activists can get it repealed.

Jason Collins - Protest Tweet

We couldn’t have said it better.

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