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Music » Did Rihanna steal ”B—- Better Have My Money’ (explicit)?

Did Rihanna steal ”B—- Better Have My Money’ (explicit)?


Rihanna is under fire, after a Houston singer/songwriter Just Brittany, claims Rihanna stole her song “Betta Have My Money.”

Although the song was produced by Kanye West, the Barbadian beauty has been the sole center of the musical controversy after fans of Just Brittany pointed out that RiRi’s new track “B—- Betta Have My Money” totally ripped off her February 2014 single. Earlier this week, a Just Brittany fan page tweeted (and then deleted), “ATTN: @itsjustbrittany ‘Betta Have My Money’ been on iTunes jacked by @rihanna Wake Up.” However neither recording artists have commented on the allegations.

Aside from a slight change in the song title, similarities between the two tracks are instantly recognizable. From the hard hitting beat to the hook, the songs could be seen as identical. But you be the judge. Listen to both Just Brittany’s “Betta Have My Money” and Rihanna’s “B—- Better Have My Money” and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Regardless, it’s clear (after the Marvin Gaye lawsuit) that RiRi and West could be dishing out a lot of dough for jacking this artist’s creativity.