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Wale weighs in on gay rappers

Larry King NOW

With the LGBT rights movement still going strong in America, music fans have not only seen their day-to-day lives shifting toward equality, they’ve also seen the world of hip-hop shifting to be more inclusive of LGBT people. But is hip-hop finally open to embracing a mainstream gay rapper? According to Wale, the answer is yes.

Wale opened up about sexuality in hip-hop in a new interview with Larry King, in which he was asked if the hip-hop community was finally ready to accept a gay rapper in its ranks.

“I think so. I think 2015 is another world as compared to 1995. I mean everything is different,” said Wale. “We got a Black president. I would think there would be a gay rapper before a Black president. It’s socially accepted. It’s like taboo to speak bad on the gay community now.”

The world still has yet to see a mainstream gay rapper emerge from hip-hop yet but we have seen facets of hope for that to happen soon, thanks to the success stories of artists like Frank Ocean and Azealia Banks, who have both been vocal about their sexualities while maintaining a solid fan base in the hip-hop community.

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