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Milan Christopher shot to fame thanks to “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” as one of the few openly gay men in the hip-hop scene. Although he’s no longer a cast member, he’s kept his name buzzing in the industry, most recently thanks to a raunchy nude spread in Paper magazine that has many people talking on the web. According to Christopher, the shoot not only got the world talking but it also got closeted celebrity men to start hitting on him in private and in a new interview with TMZ Christopher claims that most famous rappers are bisexual.

According to Christopher, male celebrities have been hitting on him for years but he admits that he did see more men in his inbox after the Paper magazine shoot. However, Christopher wouldn’t reveal which celebs have attempted to get in bed with him.

” ,,, It’s down low brothers everywhere. It’s down low,” Christopher said.

When asked how many are in Hollywood, Christopher explained, “A lot. A lot of y’all favorite artists and people that y’all think are the most hardcore …  are….,” said the rapper before trailing off in silence.

When pressed further about the subject, Christopher said, “I’m glad, I think sexuality should be fluid. It’s about who you love and what you represent. I don’t necessarily think that sexuality should define the type of person you are.”

Christopher was then asked if he thinks there should be more gay rappers, to which he replied, “There is a lot of gay rappers, there should be more out gay rappers.”

Christopher continued and even gave his estimated percentage of how many closeted rappers are in the industry. “Out of a hundred, I think about 60 are gay guaranteed, if not more.”

Well, what do you think of Christopher’s claims on gay and bisexual men in the rap industry? Let us know in the comments.

Nicholas Robinson

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  • Angela Henderson

    Wouldn’t surprise me if it was 80% or higher. Just be yourself and stop being scared. It really doesn’t matter.

  • Arbitr^rY^[email protected]

    …no surprise here.

  • Anne Pate

    Why gay people always believe that everyone else has the same proclivities that they have? I have gay coworkers and friends that ‘swear’ all the time that this person or that person wants them. Most of the time, only because someone looked at them or showed a kindness to them. Their desires for the same sex or so strong that they just cant fathom how other pepple couldnt possibly feel the same way they do. Or it could also be a way of them trying to affirm that the way they are is just as normal or more so than heterosexuals. Why dont YOU just be gay and let other folk be whatever they want to be. This kind of talk is what gets so many heterosexuals being accused of being gay when they are not. Being accused or looked at as being gay when you are not is just as hurtful as gay people being discriminated against or called out their name. Please just live YOUR life and let others live theirs!! Even those who choose to live “in the closet” have the right to do so as long as they dont hurt anyone. Stop with the accusations!!!

    • Henry

      Accusation? He’s right. Fact is most men, especially black men, do not take time or have space to really explore their sexuality. Most end up falling into roles and boxes placed by social structures. I truly believe most cis heterosexual identifying folks do not truly know what they prefer or not. Most are just okay with following the quo given to them. Which I suppose isn’t inherently bad. But to say most straight identifying men are probably more fluid than they recognize is not an accusation.

      • MistaO

        Explore their sexuality??? Real men are just that, real men. Miss us with all that panty waste, touchy feely crap. That’s the mess that has everything all sideways now…

      • Will Grayson

        He’s right? Nope not a chance! He sounds GAY and tired, so just be gone n stop WANTING company in your gay ass world

      • Jillyin James

        i feel the stereotypes are there to protect men from power. You see if a man is masculine and he gets killed it is honorable, but if he is feminine to any degree he becomes less and less respected by men when really hes the only one being real. Its like people who insist on having a opinion on me yet they dont know me. Look I kick it with people who ypou would be scared to be near. People who could care less about taking a life if its in the way. hell I am the same way. So you might make your masculine way through my town the 702 but I would not look at girls like me and assume we are vulnerable, fags, or even some kind of weak man. Boy, these bitches, these dudes, you will get killed. So lets mind our own business like yall should and focus on what you doing

    • Lee Lee

      Milan Christopher is telling the truth.. there are so many men and women that like same sex. Thats why its all over social media. On tv..people are married heterosexuals. Supposedly..but sleeping around with the same sex. This been going on for years. People who refuse to believe this are in Denial.. and really dont know what they are talking about.. that’s why shows like love n hip hop expose these things everyday.. check your man..he could be down too.. these men be such liars and they are on the down low.. So many of them.. finding a man who only love women is very slim

      • Will Grayson

        BullShit and he’s a Liar

    • Kay

      I hear what you are saying.

    • nastinupe

      I agree. It always seems like gay people want everyone else to be gay. I don’t believe everything I hear, period. I’m not saying that there aren’t some under cover brothers out there, but I doubt that it’s 60% of the industry.

      Gay dudes talk… a lot. If it was really that many word would have already gotten out about a lot of rappers.

      • Mabelmreed

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      • Aprilrturner

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      • Eunicemmay

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    • nosey rosy

      you are clearly in the closet and you need to come out , this is not a woman making this remark, you even hiding behind a female name . no woman would talk like this here . yes we need to know when men are fu..kin with men. we have a choice not to sleep with bi sexuals , that is how disease get passed around in the black communities . gay males are still the highest on the list of hiv positives in america ,, in atlanta there is a hiv epodemic , among women too . who thought a man was straight and slept with him no condom . you need to stop dreaming in the candy shop .. and come to life .. people are dieing for bad decision on whom to sleep with . i rather a man be straigt up and say he is bisexual … cause no body wants to be in that catagory of risk not saying straight man cant pass it on by sleeping with too many females ,cause just one of them females could have slept with a gay or bi male and she can infect many white man got us pinned on this one . a whole generation about to be wiped out by year 2040

    • Ann McCombs

      I agree wholeheartedly.

    • Ms. Real 1

      I agree. I’ve seen a lot of my male gay friends over the years swear somebody wants them.
      I also notice that there could never just be a clear cut encounter with another attractive male whether in a business or social setting where they didn’t insinuate or have some type of comment about the guy eluding to homosexuality. I’m not saying that Miles is lying about the many gay and down low rappers in the industry. However, I do think that he is reaching with the over 60 out of 100. Come on now ….
      (I’m female and straight by the way)

      • Will Grayson

        Excellent point

  • nastinupe

    I think that his number is based on the circle he runs in. He doesn’t know every rapper and every rapper doesn’t know him. If he lives in Atlanta then that number is going to be high. If he lived in say Houston or Cleveland then that number may not be as high.

    • Michelle Timms

      He lives in L.A. and he don’t know all but he knows a lot of them, but in the music industry you don’t have to know them personally because what’s done in the dark comes to the light. Majority of the time it comes from people talking but it is always a little bit of the truth in a rumor.

    • Will Grayson

      He lives in LA or should I say L Gay! Although gays have definitely infiltrated, At is Still filled with upstanding Straight men, some of which who are rappers!

  • Vandellish

    I think most people in 2017 are past the point of caring who is gay or not. No matter who it is the story would likely make the news and then be gone the next day.

  • Yetunde

    I think it’s weird that he says “most” rappers, does he know every rapper? I agree that there are probably a lot more than we know of, but he can’t make assumptions on everybody based on his own experiences. He seems like a bit of a fame whore to me and will say anything to get attention.

    • nosey rosy

      a fame whore maybe but so are all the house wives , , on the so called house wive show, , black chyna , the kardashians , and amber rose … also he is not real famous but he knows being talked about makes you sought after for more work . .. they all know this .. look how much amber rose has made just beefing with kim them ? and nene leakes makes being instigative and angry!! putting black females at a all time low. in the minds of whites , people think we all are ghetto minded like that . so he aint doing nothing no one else aint doing look how these basketball and housewive shows has done a disaster on all these non educated no job no life fools who really now cant survive without clowning for a check . THANKS TO BRAVO

      • hidaya

        That dayum Bravo channel! Ugh!

    • Will Grayson

      SO TRUE

  • nosey rosy

    the realest revelation i heard in minute . he nailed it , we all been knowing this the moment lil wayne kissed baby .. we knew it .. you can tell by all the pretty females they get to throw you offf, like a few i believe are gay are here

    lil wayne and most of them from new orleans area
    baby )cashmoney………………… memphiz ……..
    kid cudi
    remy ma bi nicky minaj bi
    puff daddy kendric lamar ……. chance the rapper…………..2 chainz……….Ti… mane ……..chief kef……. kodak black //// frank ocean …….. joey baddass…busta rhymes …….. ………………………. wiz kalieffa
    kenya west .. fo sure
    rick ross
    usher … got herpes from a man most likely
    asap rockie
    and all of them out of atlanta georgia ALL OF THEM

    face it black women been knowing this for a long time ,is the reason some black females just turn lesbian , they come to terms with the high percent of brothrs who will not come out no matter what , most of them go kids ..and some fine baby momas and wives puff daddy is classic .. he keep casey on his side to throw off people know most would not believe he was even cheating on her let alone a man . in atlanta its a well know fact , future is gay , but cause he had ciara no one knew . this he actually dumped ciara for a dude . and he has plenty baby momas but still preferr a man rammin him up his butt laugh

    • Martine Tomlin

      TI ???


        Ti not bi or gay I don’t think nosey rosy sure talks to much I know that.

      • Will Grayson

        Not T.I. or most of the people she named, this chick is out of order


      Dam you talk to dam much. SHUT UP!!!!!

      • WhatSon!

        I agree

    • Clarissaa Jones

      That’s not Gon make me turn to someone who has the same bloody split I have Ewwww I just b without it’s better without anyway less troubles. Single is great..until God give me what he wants me to have all I gotta do is live a holy lifestyle…in a world of sin it’s trouble…why would a man wanna put his stick in another’s man’s septic tank anyway..or woman lips on a bloody split like hers… demonic.abomanation…

    • Will Grayson

      You ma’am are fuckn clueless

    • Ms. Real 1

      You must’ve dealt with a down low brother at one point because you’re posting essays on this bitch. shut up!

  • nosey rosy

    NOTHING wrong with someone outting them this man is doing what all fame whores do, find drama and controversy to talk about to catapole them in the top news feeds . he must be bi his self if he knows about them like that . any man would out them from even contacting them and get paid . funny he didnt call names . that would get him black listed he knows . im sorry but , stardom has plumetted from real to desperate for fame . people like rehanna cary underwood , halle berrry , alicia keys , missy elliot , angela basset , lil kim , were actually discovered but now days BRAVO type shows is makeing people famous who has no talent , but trashy behavior and stigma on the black race as ghetto stupid and ignorant . shauni oneal leads the pack , no wonder shack left her . she is purely a fame whore recruiteing other whores . and why not start with basketball player ex’s whom all got major issues in the head .. reason these men left is not what you find out . until they open their mouth then you know ..

  • Martine Tomlin

    OK who are the most famous Rappers? RICK ROSS,DRAKE,JAZ-Y FUTURE, KENDRICK LAMAR. I am sure if they were Bi Milan wouldn’t know and they wouldn’t pursue an openly gay ,Fired reality show cast member .TRUST THAT

  • Mason Youngblood

    Most of these young male rappers nowadays dress in hot neon colors(suspect), wearing weave in their hair with color(sus), always rolling with 20 other niggaz and never a female in sight(sus, sus, sus)…

    • LA


  • Clarissaa Jones

    Why would a man wanna put his stick in another’s man septic tank….good Lord..this is sick….Adam ..was made then Eve for Adam not’s an abomination unto aGod that wasn’t his plan for his creations..women’s nor men’s disquisting…

    • Jillyin James

      if god didn’t plan it why are they still here. We can go back 100,000 years and there is lots of evidence to suggest there has bee queer people forever. We see it in the animal kingdom. Considering queer people dont reproduce really at all after 100,000 years you would think that since its genes that it would be gone by now but clearly we keep popping up. You ever think you hearing the wrong message because I straight up always be trying to see what yall see and after reading the bible 5 times I have yet to see where a gay man is more of an abomination than a girl on her period in certain situations. Stop judging others like you are god and repent and maybe there is still hope for you my sister

      • LaKeasha Johnson

        Well, according to your so-called holy bible…Your God is simply allowing you to destroy yourselves in disobedience without interfering, without even giving you a conscience to know what’s good for your soul or not.

        Romans 1:24-31

        24 Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. 25 They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.

        26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

        28 Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done. 29 They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, 30 slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31 they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy.

        • Jillyin James

          yeah after 10-0,000 years you think wed be gone if god is letting us kill ourselves

  • Cici

    I don’t believe in bisexuality it’s gay. I would never be with a man that thinks or is bi I appreciate honesty but no thanks. I’ll pass for the real none confused man. It is a gay agenda in the rap world. They are pushing gay trannies and bisexuality like its candy in a rapper. I know go start their own music and let it be their world and they can support it instead of trying to manipulate the one that already exists.


    No big deal celebrities have that Rock Hudson syndrome, where usually it’s the managers advice not to come out because of their brand.

  • Michele D Jernigan

    I guess he would know

  • Reziel Darkmoon

    There is a White Gay agenda to bitch up MASCULINE BLACK MALES…. But on the same token all them Blouse wearing mumble rappers I mean…. WTF did you think they were…. then they just spreading AIDS because they on the LOW

  • Katina Wright

    Anything that is said and done in Hollywood or anywhere don’t surprise me. But it is sad that people are just not pleasing God with their foolishness. However, I do pray they ride the right track before they leave this earth. Really!!!

  • Nia M. Achonwa


  • Lisa Sumrall

    I’m not surprised either.

  • Willie Redd

    Gay people do not want all men to be gay nor do gay people want all men. And no, gay men do not think all men want them. It’s just easier for straight people to think we do simply because they don’t want to understand it or they just don’t like us or even because their hate for us is so overpowering to believe otherwise. Fact is when we speak truth to power about what we know from experience we get immediately shot down, invalidated. I’m a gay man 53 years old and there are a lot more gay and bi men than out gay men. Always have been in my lifetime and always will be. Straight people see the queeny and effeminate gays and see that characteristic as the only solid indication that a person is gay or bi when in fact the vast majority of gay men are totally masculine as any straight man. We call them “unclockable”. Often times they will never identify as gay or bi. They find labels insulting. Social stigma makes this hard to comprehend but these are facts. I didn’t make this be what it is. It just is. What I have learned in my lifetime is that for the majority of human beings sexuality is far more complex than many are comfortable embracing publicly. It just is and no one is willing to talk about it due to being judged, which is why a story like Milan’s is found interesting whether for good reasons, bad reasons or confusing reasons.

    • LaKeasha Johnson

      Excellent points!