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Food and Nutrition » 7 treats that will tease and please your mate

7 treats that will tease and please your mate


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Merriam-Webster defines candy as a sweet food made with sugar or chocolate. Listed below, you will find seven treats that will tease and please your mate. Eat your way to tantalizing pleasures, while creating a fun and sensual atmosphere.

1. Whiporice – (2) 18 inch whips made out of licorice. Tie up or whip your mate into screaming pleasures, with a tasty bonus that you can eat.
2. Icee Spray Candy – Use the spray version of the ice cold Icee slush on one of your hot, romantic evenings (when you need to be cooled off). Spray some naughty words on each other and take turns licking them off.
3. Homemade Katydids – There’s nothing better than homemade Katydids. Grab your favorite chocolate, some caramel and of course, pecans. Melt the chocolate and caramel and allow to cool before tossing in the pecans. Now, here comes the fun part. Step into your shower/bathtub and take turns brushing this rich treat in a few key spots. Now, only using your tongue, who can eat the most Katydids? It really doesn’t matter, but it will be a fun, tight and sticky situation!
4. Now & Laters – One of my favorite old school candies. Blindfold your mate. Suck on a Now & Later for a few seconds to soften it, and then run it over various hot spots on your body. The blind folded mate will then use their sense of taste and smell to find those areas. If they find every spot, pass them a Now & Later and now it’s your turn!
5. Old School Candy Necklaces – they are edible and fashionable. You can make a nice ankle bracelet (doubled up), a garter, or both. These accessories can also accentuate your sexy lingerie. Your mate can work their way up from your ankle to the garter, (making any needed stops along the way)! Bon appetit!
6. Fruit Roll-Ups – a tasty fruit snack. It can be applied to your man’s anatomical location. Start by tearing off a few strips and then wrapping them, accordingly. When the strips are moistened in place by licking, they will adhere to the skin. It can then be snacked off in a pleasurable manner….and it’s just as much fun for the snacker, as it is for the snackee!
7. Candy Buttons – tiny buttons with candy flavor. Peel them off the white paper strips, lick the back, and then stick them to all the places you want your mate to focus on. You can even create trails to buried treasures!

–myra c. harris, Author of How to Get a Man: From the Kitchen, to the Bedroom, to the Ring, which can be purchased at