‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s’ Nikko admits he was wrong for not telling Mimi Faust he was married

Nikko London - publicity photo Courtesy of Vh1.com
Nikko London publicity photo courtesy of VH1.com

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” cast member Nikko London finally came clean about a lot of his wrongs during his relationship with Mimi Faust in a recent radio interview with Eros. London spoke of being homeless in Los Angeles, how he met Mimi Faust in L.A. and their relationship started as a series of one-offs; (by definition a one-off would not be a series), which eventually led to Mimi Faust and her manager making a proposal to him to play Faust’s love interest on the reality TV show “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” London claims he thought it was a great idea with perfect timing as he at the time, was broke needed the money and besides he and Faust had already been intimate, so why not?

Why not, Nikko? Maybe because you were married? Remember that small detail you deliberately left out? So basically London went from being married, to separated, living in NYC, then moving to L.A., managing a music group (obviously only to make new business contacts), not getting the group a record deal, meeting Faust at a party (he probably attended for the open bar and free food), becoming an overnight hated reality star for being a sleezebag boyfriend, leaking making money from a sex tape, entering a contract on a book deal with Mimi Faust that gives him a 25 percent cut; all while maintaining his secret marriage to his wife, Margeaux Simms in New York, as he continued to support his wife financially and live with his girlfriend, Faust, for one year. Well, someone had a very busy 2014.

Photo: instagram @houseofmargeaux
Photo credit: Instagram @houseofmargeaux

The part where you know London had to feel guilty about deceiving Faust is when he admitted (in the radio) interview his reason for not telling Faust about his marriage was because his marriage didn’t interfere with their relationship. But in the same breath, he had the nerve to say he knew that Mimi was too emotionally involved in their relationship for her to take the news lightly.

Seems to me at the point where you realize this woman is emotionally involved with you and falling in love is when you should have come clean. Honestly, you should have come clean from jump street and if your involvement was truly a business move, then perhaps Faust would have been able to keep her emotions intact. But noooooo, for some reason when a woman feels she has a man she can trust with everything, she tends to fall in love with the security aspect that building a trust provides. This is definitely not the type of woman you want to turn around and scorn or ever let them learn you were never committed to the relationship. It’s purely relationship and friendship suicide.

What do you think? Was Mimi Faust justified in being royally pissed off with Nikko due to the fact that he lied to her? Or should Mimi have always reflected back on their alleged original business deal?

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