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Black man shot at his home by police after calling 911 for help

Photo credit: Facebook @bryantheyward

Apparently, Black men aren’t even safe when calling police for help at their own home. According to a report by ABC 4 in South Carolina, Bryant Heyward was the victim of a home invasion and became a victim of the police.

Heyward protected himself after Thomas Brown, 22, and another suspect shot at him while attempting to break into his home. The suspects shot twice and Heyward returned fire causing them to flee on bikes.

Heyward called 911 and told the dispatcher that he was in danger, but they never asked if he had a gun.

Once the two White police officers arrived at Heyward’s home, they failed to properly communicate with him and fired a shot in his direction. Heyward was shot in the neck.

Police officers reported that they told Heyward to drop the gun when they arrived. However, Heyward’s attorney said there is no evidence that he pointed a gun at police before he was shot. It’s not illegal for homeowners to have a licensed gun in South Carolina and Heyward’s attorneys believe that he had a right to carry a gun while on his property.

Sheriff Al Cannon has released the 911 call that Heyward made, but they have yet to release the audio from the body microphone that was on police at the time of the shooting. The audio would reveal if police actually told Heyward to drop his weapon.

Heyward remains hospitalized and currently can’t speak or move his lower body. A suspect has been arrested in Heyward’s home invasion.

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