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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ episode 4 best moments

Joseline Learns About Stevie's Indictment

Stevie asks Joseline to be sober with him

While in rehab, Stevie gets shocking news that the government issued a criminal charge against him for failing to pay child support. Stevie is facing up to two years in jail and decides to tell Joseline when she joins him for a couple’s counseling session. Joseline feels overwhelmed when she hears the news, but things continue to get worse when Stevie tells Joseline that the focus needs to be on him and that she needs to quit drugs and alcohol for a year while he tries to maintain his sobriety, which the counselor agrees with. Joseline cries as she explains that she wants to support her husband, but she’s tired of things always being about him and what he needs. She explains that Stevie doesn’t see her as equal and that when he tries to control her, she lashes out.



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