Shanesha Taylor, Arizona mom who left kids in hot car, finally gets sentenced in the case

Source: Youtube/TYT Nation

Source: Youtube/TYT Nation

Shanesha Taylor, the Arizona mother who made headlines last year after being arrested for leaving her two young children in a hot car to go on a job interview, was sentenced this past Friday by a Maricopa County judge.

In March of 2014 Taylor was arrested for leaving her sons, ages 2 and 6 months old, by themselves in an SUV while she went to a job interview at a Scottsdale, Arizona, State Farm Insurance office. After being arrested, her story, complete with a tearful mug shot, went viral and well-wishers soon crowd funded the 35-year-old woman over $100,000.

Taylor pleaded guilty to a single count of child abuse. a class 6 felony and domestic-violence offense, in exchange for the dismissal of a second count of child abuse and was granted a delayed prosecution with the conditions that she use the crowd funded monies to secure living arrangements and contribute to a trust fund for her children.

When she missed deadlines to contribute to the trust funds and other questions on how she was spending the money arose, the original charges were reinstated by the Maricopa County Attorney’s office.

Under the conditions of her 18 years of supervised probation, Taylor will have to complete parenting classes as well enter into a domestic violence treatment program.

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  • britishrose
    May 18, 2015

    waht a ghetto ignorant fool this woman is , she took that money and balled with it instead of putting it toward the kids she is an idiot , she purposely used that money to fund a rachett lifestyle which is why she got in the mess in the first place , and people out there felt bad for her which means she took advantage of people.. im glad they got her cause she thought she would get away.. bad enough her kids could almost be dead this is what make black women look so bad to other races they should just locked her up period probation will not do she will do somthing else to those kids

  • Nigg.Newton
    May 18, 2015

    I said this EARLIER in 2014! Black WOMEN play victim and refuse to do the right thing even if they have the MEANS to do the right thing.

    IF this had been a Black Man or White Woman, they would have did the right thing.

  • andalso
    May 21, 2015

    however she chose to spend the money was her business. obviously she was responsible enough to know she needed a job to take care of her children which she didn’t have by herself. in no way shape or form do i agree even 1% of her leaving her babies in a hot car, but get off her case already. she still has children to raise. the children were being taken care of the best she could. sometimes we make the absolute wrong decision trying to make a positive outcome. God bless her in the future and hopefully she will receive more support from her family.

  • Skyline Titans
    March 31, 2017

    She is obviously suffering from some type of psychological issues and needs help.

    • SrAgri
      April 2, 2017

      Interesting. If she were white, you’d have a bunch of hateful, racist rhetoric to spew off.

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