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Entertainment » Rock out with April Daniels as she promotes unity among women

Rock out with April Daniels as she promotes unity among women

Photo Credit: Angel Jordan courtesy of April Daniels

Photo Credit: D’Andre Michael courtesy of April Daniels

In a time when reality tv often highlights divisiveness, April Daniels is a breath of fresh air. You may recognize her as Tamar Braxton’s BFF and the wife of LaShawn Daniels on the hit WE TV show Tamar and Vince. The former celebrity hairstylist is also a mother, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and fashionista.

If you have ever seen the Tamar and Vince show, you will quickly be moved by April’s warm spirit and pleasant disposition. For three seasons, she has proven to be a loyal friend, confidante, and wife. It is important for her to remain authentic in a new generation of reality tv that promotes and reinforces negative stereotypes associated with women – specifically women of color.

Realizing the need for change prompted April to create the Rock Out With Me Campaign. With the goal of restoring unity among women, the national campaign provides a platform that demonstrates women supporting each other while loving and respecting themselves.

After a successful launch of the campaign in LA in October 2014, April decided to embark on a seven-city tour which kicked off in Atlanta at the end of April 2015. Each city will experience a brunch, empowerment panel, and pampering sessions. Chicago will be the next stop.

April Daniels with Wright Sisters of Wright Productions - ROWMC Event Managers Photo Credit:  D'Andre Michael courtesy of April Daniels

April Daniels with Wright Sisters of Wright Productions – ROWMC Event Managers Photo Credit: Angel Jordan courtesy of April Daniels

Rolling Out had the opportunity to sit down with April Daniels to find out more about her passion for empowering women and her next steps.

What inspired you to launch the Rock Out With Me Campaign?

Ironically, after I started on the Tamar and Vince show I thought that platform would allow me to connect with other women. I was excited about the package that came with it. However, women were not receiving. Women of the same caliber didn’t want you to connect with them. It took you back to high school. And although it wasn’t personal, it felt personal. I launched the campaign because I felt like something was lacking. The goal of the Rock Out With Me Campaign is to restore unity among women.

What can people expect at your event?

Initially, I want people to understand that everything that glitters isn’t gold. We all have a story. It is a time for us to be transparent and share our story and trigger a breakthrough for the next person. I am encouraged by the breakthrough. I realize it is a give and take. The woman who wants more is inspired by other people. This is the event that you want people to come to. LA was great and Atlanta was amazing. People were crying and it was very touching. I even cried. This is about coming out and being in an environment that produces sisterhood.

Your event in Chicago is Saturday, June 13th. What would you like attendees to take away from the day?

I want women to leave with some type of restoration. When they leave they will feel like it is one of the best investments they have spent on themselves in a while. I also want them to leave with information to grow their businesses, grow spiritually, and grow in all areas of their lives.

What are your long term goals for this campaign?

Longevity! I want the brand to be recognized in every home and be associated with love, respect, and unity.

Your strong marriage to LaShawn Daniels is highlighted on the “Tamar and Vince” show. Does the Rock Out With Me Campaign empower women in marriage and family?

Yes. The next phase of the Rock Out With Me Campaign will be for couples followed by one for children There will be a campaign for healthy relationships with women and men. My husband and I have a happy marriage, but I don’t mind sharing what we have been through.

What is next for you April Daniels?

I have a few things brewing. In addition to the Rock Out With Me Campaign, we are gearing up for the 4th season of the “Tamar and Vince” show. Also, on Friday nights I host the Just Saying Radio Show on Black Hollywood Live with co-hosts Sheree Fletcher from Hollywood Exes and Celebrity Event Planner Diann Valentine. You can find it on YouTube.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I think that as women we are powerful. Together we are uber powerful. It’s important that we have a united front. We gain nothing from tearing each down. We gain more from lifting each other up.

Want to attend the Rock Out With Me event in Chicago on Saturday, June 13, 2015 from 12-5pm? For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit Also, check out and follow April Daniels on Instagram and Twitter at @iamaprildaniels.


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