Atlanta socialites host ‘Blogging Beauties’

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Atlanta’s beauty and fashion scene is rising above many competitors, and there are a few fabulous ladies leading the pack. In celebration of their success, rolling out teamed up with Blogging Beauties to present its first “Mass Media Tour” at an exclusive location in Atlanta on Juneteenth. The event was filled with social media gurus, fashion bloggers and stylists who got a chance to catch a sneak peek of the magazine’s newest campaign reveal. The official release date for the the issue is July 4.

The campaign was put together by rolling out’s creative director, DeWayne Rogers. His vision brought together a fearless group of young women who are on the rise to fame in the entertainment industry. The media tour features Layllah Style; fashion bloggers; Kiwi The Beauty, natural hair and lifestyle blogger; Brejia Blocker, celebrity stylist and braid specialist; Dayybella, co-founder of Ladies Who Brunch ATL; Nadirah, actress-model; Miss Jerrika, owner of Karlae Swimwear; and Jelisa Raquel, CEO of Broadcasting Beauty, Blogging Beauties and creative director behind “Braid Like a Boss.”

The event kicked off with cocktails and cupcakes swirling around the room during an introduction by PrettyNYou founder Maleciah announcing attendees would have a chance to win a full makeover sponsored by her company. Following the contest excitement, the beauty bloggers sat down for a panel discussion to break down tips for personal branding using social media platforms, dealing with media backlash, and upcoming projects they are working on. Of course, the event ended with the reveal from their sexy photo shoot. These sassy sisters all possess entrepreneurial gifts that have truly set them apart from the rest. Rolling out wishes them all the best on their future endeavors and remember to keep up with your beauty both inside and out.



Lala Martinez
Lala Martinez

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