Robert Alexander explains the life of a digital marketer

Photo credit: Twitter – @iam360wise

Name: Robert Alexander

Company: 360WiseNetwork

Title: CEO, Founder

Years in the digital marketing business: Seven

Twitter: @iam360wise 144K followers 


What are your favorite Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages to follow? 

My favorite accounts to follow are those who diversify their content with compelling subject matter such as:  @copyblogger and @mrmikestreet

What type of laptop or mobile device do you use?  

I use Apple and Android for mobile

Fave operating system Apple IOS or Android and why?

My favorite operating system is ISO for content and Microsoft for radio marketing.

Who are the marketers you look up to?

I don’t have any one I look up too I just analyze everyone with compelling content and reactionary advertisement methods.

Social media requires daily interaction, how do you keep going at this fast pace?

Opportunity doesn’t sleep.

Do you have a preference for cable Internet vs. hot spots

I have never concentrated on hot spots vs. cable because I never turn the Wi-Fi off. I stay plugged in;  never leave the office without your plugs.

Do you use any mobile payment apps vs. cash?

Yes, I use ibeacon.

A lot of bloggers and techies drink some type of energy drink or caffeine so for you is it 

coffee or Red bull?

Coffee is for closers, I’m trying to wean myself off as we speak.

Did you go to college or are you self-taught?


Do you have any tattoos? Do you have a tattoo artist you look up to?

Yes, I have tattoos. No favorite artist, every piece was done in a different state.

What would you tell the generation in high school now about the digital marketing industry?

I would tell them to plug in because the future is now. Wal-Mart will be on Mars and drones will deliver everything to your doorstep.  Everything will rely on digital marketing shortly. Think about this,  After the digital 4K flat screen, will come the hologram, then you will be able to just plug in and be a part of the movie yourself.  Exit the Flintstone’s & Enter the Jetsons …. say goodbye to the mailman.

Who inspires you as a creative?  

Martin Pratt and Evan Carmichael

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