Police handcuff Black woman and forcibly search her vagina during routine traffic stop

Photo credit: KTRK

A woman in Houston says she was sexually assaulted by police when a routine traffic stop went terribly wrong. According to reports by KTRK in Houston, Charnesia Corley, 21, was driving to the store to get an item for her sick mother when she was stopped by a Harris County sheriff deputy.

The sheriff reportedly stopped Corley for running a stop sign and said that he smelled marijuana in her vehicle. Corley was then handcuffed and the sheriff searched her vehicle without a search warrant. The deputy did not find any marijuana.

However, the deputy continued to push the issue and called a female officer to the scene. When the female deputy arrived, she told Corley to pull her pants down. Corley told the female deputy that she wasn’t wearing underwear and the female deputy told her to bend over. The female deputy proceeded to put her fingers inside Corley’s vagina and Corley stood up and told her that she couldn’t do it.

The deputies threw Corley to the ground and two officers held her legs apart as the female deputy shoved her fingers into her vagina without a warrant for a body cavity search.

Corley was arrested for resisting arrest and having .02 ounces of marijuana. The deputies never revealed where the marijuana was found.

Corley has decided to hire an attorney and believes her rights were violated by the deputies. It’s another incident where an unarmed Black person has been abused by police officers following a routine traffic stop.

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