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Herve Leger exec says curvy women, lesbians don’t look good in bandage dress

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A woman should be able to wear whatever style of dress makes her feel sexy and confident.  Well, according to Patrick Couderc that’s not true. Couderc is the U.K. managing director of Herve Leger and he believes that not all women should wear the brand’s popular, skin-tight bandage dresses. Recently, he caused controversy and outrage when he advised voluptuous women to stray away from the figure-hugging dresses.

He told the Daily Mail newspaper on Sunday that women with “voluptuous” figures, i.e., those with “very prominent hips” and “committed lesbians” should avoid wearing the popular bandage dress.

He went on to say, “You women have a lot of problems. You will lose the plot. You will come and you will put a dress on and you’ll be in front of the mirror, like, ‘Argh, I’m so fat.’ ”

Regardless of Couderc’s crude remarks and unwanted advice, we feel women of all sizes are fabulous and should continue wearing what they choose. Body-con dresses have been popular for decades and have been worn by numerous curvy celebrities. Let’s take a look at some of the voluptuous celebrities that look fabulous rocking their bandage-style dresses.