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Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show: Hair color reigns innovation

Photo Credit: Robin Lori for Steed Media Service

Photo Credit: Robin Lori for Steed Media Service

Color raged in all those shades: red, bright orange, blue, green… You name it! Bronner Brothers International Beauty Show 2015 had it all.

The show is the professional hairstylist’s Grammy Awards, the largest in the United States and still the leading professional association of training and innovation that happens for African Americans and Africans around the world.

Whether you have a lighter complexion and you want to bring out your face with a beautiful red or more of a mahogany tone and are looking to lighten your hair with shades of brown, the Bronner Brother’s showcased the top colors and styles of 2015.

The manufactures showcased nice, new programs and products, helping salon owners fill their locations with wonderful products and new ideas. If you’re looking for those new innovative styles that should be brought to your shop for that young millennial hairstyle, the Bronner Brothers show has the best.

But the practitioners also showcased their new looks: beautiful purple, red, green and yellow… the rainbow of colors cascading in curls.