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Top Republican presidential candidates funded by White supremacist

Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Rick Santorum (Photo Credit: Official pictures)

Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Rick Santorum (Photo credit: Official pictures)

It has been reveled that at least three of the top Republican presidential candidates have received donations from an avowed White supremacist. The revelation has caused concern and scrambling by the campaigns to return the funds to the Council of Conservative Citizens. The organization is run by Earl C. Holt, whom Charleston church mass murderer Dylan Roof indicated was a reason for his hatred of Blacks.

Dylann Roof-From his website

Dylann Roof-From his website

The candidates who received money include Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum and and unidentified congressman. According to Federal Election Commission records, the following amounts were donated:

  • Ted Cruz received $8,500
  • Rand Paul received $1,750
  • Mitt Romney received $2,000
  • Rick Santorum received $1,500

Holt has donated an estimated $65,000 to Republicans over the past few years and the recent revelation has caused many candidates to scramble to return the donations upon the source being revealed. Holt, besides calling Blacks the N-word has made comments about Black people that include:

  • “The laziest, stupidest and most criminally-inclined race in the history of the world.”
  • “Black activists would “kill you, rape your entire family, and burn your house to the ground.”
  • “One can extricate them from the jungle, but one cannot purge the jungle from them.”
  • His taxes are being distributed “to every baby-daddy, baby-momma, welfare cheat, drug-dealer, Oprah-watcher, felon, alcoholic, drug-addict and deadbeat in America.”

In response to the news, Cruz announced through his campaign offices that “Upon review, we discovered that Mr. Holt did make a contribution. We will be immediately refunding the donation.” But later stated he would instead be making an $11,000 donation to the Mother Emanuel Hope Fund. The Rand Paul campaign also stated that RandPAC is donating the funds to the Mother Emanuel Hope Fund to assist the victims’ families. The campaign of Rick Santorum also stated that it would be donating funds to the Mother Emanuel Hope Fund.

The news of Republican candidates and office holders further paints the party as racist and out of touch with the majority of America.