Kim Kardashian reveals scary details about her pregnancy

Photo Credit: Kim Kardashian's Instagram (@kimkardashian)
Photo credit: Kim Kardashian’s Instagram (@kimkardashian)

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have a lot to be thankful for now that they’re expecting their second child together, a brother for their young daughter, North West. But in a new interview with C magazine, Kardashian reveals that, like her first pregnancy, she’s experiencing some struggles and scares and she may even have to undergo surgery.

In her first pregnancy with West, Kardashian was diagnosed with preeclampsia, a pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure and signs of damage to another organ system, often the kidneys. The complication caused extra weight gain in Kardashian, who put on 50 pounds during her pregnancy.

Although Kardashian was able to deliver a healthy baby girl, she reveals in the new interview that she experienced other lasting complications during that pregnancy that are now affecting her second pregnancy.

“It was over a year of trying, and I had so many complications. I had this condition called placenta accreta. There were a couple of little operations to fix all that, so that created a little hole in my uterus, which I think made it really tough to get pregnant again. It was a long road. I would go to the doctor in Beverly Hills every day at five in the morning to get tested to see if I was ovulating. I was trying everything: I did acupuncture and got a nutritionist to eat healthier, thinking that was an issue,” Kardashian explained.

Wwith placenta accreta, the placenta or part of the placenta doesn’t fully detach from the uterus after a woman gives birth, which has the potential to cause major blood loss. When asked if she’ll stop having kids after her son, Kardashian goes into further detail about her pregnancy complications and shares a major shocker about the possibility of needing to remove her uterus.

“Well, they think I’ll have placenta accreta again, so if the placenta grows a little bit deeper than it did last time, then they are prepared to have my uterus removed, which is a little scary for me. I think we’re just gonna go day by day, see how overwhelming it is, and see how the delivery goes,” Kardashian said.

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