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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ reunion part 2 best moments

Vh1 Screenshot

Vh1 Screenshot

Scrappy and Erica beef over their child support drama

Scrappy and Erica finally sit down together to reveal the details of their child support drama. Scrappy claims that he is always around his daughter and the he and Erica had an agreement that if Erica needs anything financially, all she has to do is ask him. He then claims that Erica abruptly told him that he owes her $40,000 in back child support. Scrappy says he was willing to pay Erica $2,000 a month, but she wanted $5,000. Erica fires back that asked Scrappy what he felt he should pay her in child support and he originally claimed he should only pay $500, but then claimed that he should only pay for insurance, which was $300 a month. She claims that Scrappy then only wanted to pay half of that, but failed to pay her the $150 for the year of 2013. Momma Dee chimes in and claims that Scrappy is the best father and that she wishes her father was like her son. However, Scrappy and Erica end up arguing again and Scrappy claims that Erica is a bad mother. Erica claims that Scrappy is a good father, but he still owes money. Scrappy claims that Erica should be grateful that he got her on “LHHA” and he yells “f— you” at Erica.

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